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How Being Proactive Can Improve Your Service Business

Bill Wichert

One of the most important concepts for a successful business is to be proactive. In most areas of the business, you should not wait for issues to happen, but predict and address them before they happen.  This type of proactive strategic thinking is often overlooked during the grind of the business day.  Unfortunately, when you have not taken the steps needed to prepare for the negative events, they tend to happen more often.  It is important to stop and analyze your business landscape to ensure you have plans in place to overcome any obstacle.  That proactive thinking could someday save your business.

Be proactive from the start

Proactivity is a successful business strategy and having the right team on board will give you the best opportunity to be proactive from the start. To achieve that level, you should become more conscious of what is happening with your customers and company, then analyze the available information. By having the data you need to make decisions available to you, each decision and proactive step is easier to take.  As a business, you should not only work hard, but also think about how you can make the most of every hour. You should strive to develop your business, improve the quality of your staff and services.  These can all be done through clear analysis of the data, taking proactive steps to address potential issues, and delivering products and services your customers are going to need very soon.

If you don’t learn from past events, then you will be giving your customers a perfect reason to leave you.

Don’t waste your time waiting

Instead of waiting for issues to occur, have a plan in place to stop them from happening. Your business should have services and procedures in place, along with a solid backup plan.  You never know when a case can become more serious, so having a fully mapped out plan can minimize delays in action. Any major customer service issue can happen at any time, so have in place a small team that can respond to issues as soon as they occur.  It can be two people who are trusted to fix any issue.  This quick response will let your customers know that they can always trust you and that you will always address their concerns.  This team should also analyze past events and figure out what your company should have done differently, or steps that could be taken to prevent the issue from happening in the first place. This is a valuable learning experience that will help you avoid the same mistakes next time and provide the highest level of customer support. If you don’t learn from past events, then you will be giving your customers a perfect reason to leave you.

Always be ready to adapt

When something unexpected happens to your business, it can be devastating. It is critical to be always ready to adapt to changing conditions.  It could be the loss of a major customer or the bankruptcy of a critical supplier.  Without a plan, these types of issues could destroy a business.  This is why it is crucial to review long term strategy and map out issues that could hurt your business.  By fully understanding the risks you could encounter, you can more easily have a plan in place to adapt to each issue.  This proactive strategy can give you the piece of mind that your company can withstand any issues that may happen.  It will also show your staff that they can have faith in your plans since you have studied the issues and designed rational strategies and not simply guesses that could ruin their livelihood.  With strong plans in place and staff that believe in you, your company can always adapt to any change in business landscape.


Overall, I think is critical for a business to review their processes and understand how to be proactive.  Companies should take time to collect data about themselves and their customers to help predict changes or obstacles.  This is part of the reason we collect and report on so much data within the TonDone platform.  It is there to help our customers better understand their customers and themselves.  That data can help inform your corporate and emergency strategy.  Without those plans in place, you will find yourself dealing with monumental issues that could destroy your business while trying to come up with a plan.  It is never good to be in that situation.  Instead, focus on clear planning based on accurate data.  Together, they will help you be more proactive about your customer issues and business strategy.

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