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The easy way to
manage hard work

TonDone is the business operating system for your building and facility service company

"Issue: Can't enter the building."
"New work order: COVID cleaning"

A powerful mobile app for every member of your workforce

Your frontline staff are on a mission to delight your customers. We make work management simple with our intuitive mobile app, designed alongside some of the best building and facility contractors in the field.
Show proof of work
Sometimes requirements can get lost in translation as they move from customer to frontline employee. We enable employees to simply document their work so everyone involved is satisfied with the result.
Powerful tools for your staff

Our powerful and simple mobile apps provide access to all the critical data, but does not require extensive training to use.

  • Incredibly Easy to Use
  • Access to Important Contacts
  • Powerful Documentation of Work
  • Ability to Report Issue Immediately
Dispatch work in seconds

Give your staff the data they need, when they need it. They can perform their work without waiting on a return phone call or a missed connection. This reduces errors, improves customer service, and reduces costs.

We make work easy
Our easy to use mobile app is designed to reduce operational complexity and eliminate costly training. Start increasing productivity, efficiency, and revenue today by simplifying your enterprise operations with TonDone.

Our all-in-one platform helps your whole team get a ton done.

With growth comes complexity. From lead generation to employee management, we give you the ability to manage every aspect of your business with our robust web interface.

A single pane of glass for your operations

View, categorize, and report on work orders. Address issues raised by staff. Track customer requests and insights. Process invoices and payments. We provide a simple interface to completely manage the critical work your company does.


Best Proof of Presence Solution in the Industry

Do you know where your staff are? Don't wonder if work is getting done or have to hire a team of supervisors to check on attendance. Our software verifies that workers are on site and active during their work day and within the geofence of the work site.

Enterprise Data and Reporting at Your Fingertips

We provide a powerful reporting engine that empowers you to make better and more informed decisions about your business.

  • Rich Data Analysis
  • Extensive Reporting Options
  • Access Data on Your Schedule
  • Deep Business Insights

Customer Lifecycle Management

Our platform provides you to the tools to manage your customers from prospect to customer to partner.

  • Rich Leads and Prospecting System
  • Extensive Customer Demographics
  • Detailed Location and Site Tracking
  • Easy to Use Search and Reporting
Designed for you

Built in collaboration with your peers. Our platform addresses the most common issues that growing companies experience.

Help where you need it

Customer care, staff communication, and end-to-end business management are just a few of the issues we address.

Reduce your stress

Our solution offers the best proof of presence (location tracking) and proof of work in the industry so you know the work is done.

Our app is ready when you are

Simple setup and simple deployment. One-click install from the Apple App Store and Google Play make it easy to start streamlining your business operations today.