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The Football Problem - Neglecting Strategic Thinking as you Grow

One of the issues we see quite often in our research is the problem that growing companies have when using technology. We see this problem looking something like a football.

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TonDone Now Supports QuickBooks Desktop

Announcement that TonDone now supports integration with QuickBooks Desktop

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Why should new technology be easy to use?

Many of the most used technology services and devices have something at their core that differentiates them from their competition. Sometimes it is a cool feature, but most of the time, it is that they are easy to use.

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Building Trust With Building and Facility Service Customers

Like many people, I want to work and partner with people I can trust. That trust is built on a shared understanding and and expectation of honest business dealings. In truth, honesty is easy when everything is going well and there are no challenges. The difficulty is being honest when it could make you look bad or could hurt you.

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How To Develop a Powerful Social Network For Your Services Business

Your social network in your connection to the world and without deeper bonds and rich connections, it will be more difficult to grow your business. Spend time to cultivate your social network and your connections will be there when you need them.

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How to Organize Your Work Order System

Many people feel that having a work order management system will solve their problems simply by having the system in place. This is not true. Just like any other software, work order management software is a tool. If you do not know how to use it or how to make it work for you, it will not solve your issues.

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4 Lead Management Strategies for Commercial Cleaning Companies

We discuss a number of strategies for lead generation that can be used for commercial cleaning companies that will not only find potential customers but locate customers that will be more inclined to have a conversation about a new relationship with your organization.

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