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Signal Cortex is now TonDone!

Bill Wichert

Signal Cortex, a facility and building service management platform, announced today that it is rebranding the company to TonDone. 

A play on the phrase “getting a ton done”, the rebrand  spotlights the app’s ability to quickly and easily allow building and field service companies to collect and verify job completion and work quality at scale.

“We are thrilled to introduce TonDone to the world,” said Matt Crowley, Co-Founder and CEO of TonDone. “Our customers all want the same thing: to quickly and effectively manage their operations. This rebrand  reflects the company’s mission to help customers achieve just that. We’re the same world-class business we’ve always been, and we’re excited to continue our growth as TonDone.”

TonDone’s software manages customer care, staff communication, end-to-end business management and more, while offering location tracking and proof of work to ensure the work is completed and assist in retaining customers. 

Learn more about how TonDone is helping facility services simplify and grow their business.

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