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5 ways to overcome staffing shortages in the cleaning industry

Bill Wichert

Nearly every industry is experiencing staffing shortages, due both to COVID-19 pandemic and other reasons. The janitorial and cleaning industry is no different. When you’re short on staff, it’s hard to manage the team and even harder to get the work done and please your customers.

Check out these five ways to keep your employees motivated, even when you are short-staffed.

Offer your current employees more hours

If you’re experiencing staffing shortages, chances are this opens up the door for your current employees to accept more hours. While some may turn this offer down, most will step up to the plate for the opportunity to take on more hours. Be sure to offer these employees overtime. This will increase pay but keep you from losing clients.

Leverage technology

Tech is important in every industry, and is making an impact on the janitorial and cleaning industry. By using apps and other software, you’ll be able to manage your employees who are working and the jobs they are completing to be sure you're staying on track.

Ensure a quality working environment

Employees are more likely to continue showing up for work when they feel valued and safe. Make sure the working conditions of your company are good and that your employees are treated with respect and trust. This will in turn impact how your employees treat your clients.

Reconsider your hiring process

Are there any changes you could make to your hiring process? Consider hiring employees with no janitorial or cleaning experience. While it might sound risky, you should be able to quickly and easily train them and alleviate the stress you are experiencing from the staff shortages. Hire someone who will show up, has a strong work ethic and is a good team player. The rest will fall into place.

Increase wages

Just as offering overtime will increase costs, so will increasing employee wages. However, if your employees feel valued and like their hard work is paying off, they’ll continue to put in the work.

Staff shortages are difficult to overcome, but with the right steps, you can keep your team motivated and your clients satisfied. Selecting the right technology to manage your team is critical to the success of your business.

Learn how TonDon is helping to streamline business operations and retain customers, even if you are experiencing staff shortages.

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