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Three reasons why you should join a cleaning association

Bill Wichert

Staying on top of trends in the cleaning and janitorial industry can be difficult. Things are always changing and evolving, but to be successful in your business, you need to adapt and stay in the know.

Joining a cleaning association could be your answer. Not only will it help you elevate and improve your cleaning business, but you’ll also make connections and learn trends that could change the course of your business for the better.

Check out the top three reasons to join a cleaning association. 

  1. Continual education

As a business owner, you can never stop learning. Joining an association unlocks educational and training resources available to you at your fingertips, many of the time these resources are online and instantly available. You can pass these learnings down to your staff. Associations are also a great resource for searching for events, both educational and industry-related (like trade shows) that will help your business. 

  1. Develop connections

Making connections in every industry is important, and the janitorial industry is no different. By joining an association, you’ll be immediately connected with other professionals in the industry and peers. Having this network will help you grow your business, generate new ideas and more. 

  1. Marketing resources

Being the owner of a janitorial business doesn’t make you a marketing expert naturally, and that’s OK. But knowing how to market your business is key to getting ahead, gaining new customers and getting your name out there. By joining an association, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources like press kits, logo and branding suggestions, market studies and more.

Joining an association is a step in the right direction for your cleaning or janitorial business. Another right step? Identifying technology that will help you manage your team efficiently. 

Check out how TonDone will serves as another resource for your growing business. 

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